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As a WineDealAdvisor subscriber, you will simply have a much better overall wine experience. You will pay less for the wines you already love, discover new favorites, and start buying better wines… and spend less! (Savings of 20% – 30% are typical, and those are real savings, not the make-believe savings off the “list price”).

Whether you’re new to the world of wine, a world-class connoisseur, or anyone in between, WineDealAdvisor offers unique benefits:

  • Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year on your wine purchases (see chart below).
  • No more bad wines or bad deals.  We give you reliable, objective recommendations.
  • Explore new wines by following our recommendations for wines you don’t know.
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  • See what other members think about each deal.
  • And best of all … drink better wines!

The examples in this chart will give you an idea of how your savings can add up.

Price/Bottle Bottles/Month Annual Spending Annual Savings
20% Discount
Annual Savings
30% Discount
$20 10 $2,400 $480 $720
$30 10 $3,600 $720 $1,080
$50 10 $6,000 $1.200 $1,800


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