About Us

Who are we? Why did we create WineDealAdvisor?

We are long-time wine enthusiasts who after buying far too many over-hyped and disappointing wine deals, decided to try to come up with a way to evaluate these offers on our own.

We wanted to stop buying wines that weren’t very good, drink better wines, and also save money on the wines we did buy. Eventually, we developed a process that has enabled us to do all three

We started working on the process about eight years ago for our personal use. Eventually we realized it would also help other wine consumers and that it could make for a great website. So we created WineDealAdvisor to share the benefits of what we have learned. We hope you will try it and that it to be as useful for you as it has been for us.

Rick & Judy

P.S. We remain avid wine consumers and Rick is a regular user of CellarTracker (his handle is “rickspicks”).


Rick and Judy, founders

Ballooning in Napa -
awesome !
Ballooning in Napa - awesome !
Enjoying a vineyard view in Oregon.
Enjoying a vineyard view in Oregon.
Tasting great wines at Patricia Green.
Tasting great wines at Patricia Green.