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This page contains descriptions of some of the terms as well as guides for using WineDealAdvisor.


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    Deal Ratings

    We consider a wine “deal” to be the unique combination of a specific wine at a specific price, so we evaluate every deal on both. Based on our analysis, we rate each deal as being either a Great Deal, a Good Deal, or Not a Deal.

    • Great Deal — The very best deals, highly recommended.
    • Good Deal — Very good wine and a good value, recommended.
    • Not a Deal   — Not recommended due to poor wine quality and/or high price.

    Each rating is represented by an icon with a different number of bottles as shown below:


Great Deal

Highly Recommended
• Score: 92 +
• Price discount: Greater than 20%

Good Deal

• Score: 90 +
• Price discount: Greater than 10%

Not a Deal

Not recommended

• Does not meet our standards



Not Rated

• There is not enough information available to rate this wine deal.

We also use the same criteria and symbols to rate the Wine Quality and the Deal Price individually. These ratings are available on the “Detail” page of every deal.



Price and Wine Quality:

• Price (our method is unique)

We evaluate the price of every wine deal based on the discount %. The bigger the discount, the better the price. That may seem to be the same as what is used elsewhere, but our discount is actually quite different.

Others use the “list” (or “retail”) price of the wine to determine the discount. However, wine is almost never sold for the “list” price, it is sold for less. So the “list” price isn’t real, and that means the discount isn’t real.

Instead, we use the actual average selling price of the wine at stores across the country to determine the discount. Because it is the real price of the wine, our discount is the real discount.

We generally only publish deals that we rate as either Great or Good. This is usually less than half the deals we review. We do this to avoid having the website filled up with deals we don’t recommend for purchase.

• Wine Quality

We judge the quality of a wine by referencing scores from recognized professional wine critics and from the world’s largest online consumer wine tasting community. The higher the score, the better the wine.
Robert Parker is the premier wine critic in the world.


The world’s largest consumer wine magazine.

The world’s largest collection of consumer wine reviews.

We may also refer to reviews on other wine review websites such as Vinous and Burghound.

Deal Alert

Every wine deal is represented by a small box called a “Deal Alert”. Each Deal Alert contains basic information about a deal and is what you use to decide if the deal is of interest.

  • Vintage and Name of the Wine
  • Wine Label
  • Price
  • Deal Rating icon: Great, Good, Not or Unknown
  • Discount % (from average market price)
  • “Detail” button. Select this button to learn more about the deal
  • “Buy Now” button. Select to purchase the wine

The Deal Alerts are usually displayed side-by-side as shown below:

Deal Detail Page

The Detail page shows all the information available for a deal, including all the pricing data and wine critic ratings. It also includes our ratings for the wine, the price and the deal, and what other members think about the deal.

Scroll down to view the definitions of each item.

– Average Price: Average price of the wine at stores across the U.S.
– Discount: % difference between the Average Price and the Deal Price
– Store Comments: What the retailer says about the deal
– Start Date: Date the deal was first available
– End Date: Date the deal ends (often not specified)
– Buy Info: Any further details about the deal such as “Free Shipping” or “Special Pricing” for larger quantities

– WA Score: Wine Advocate rating for the wine
– WS Score: Wine Spectator rating for the wine
– CT Score: CellarTracker rating for the wine

Summary Section
– Our rating for the overall Deal
– Our rating for the Price
– Our rating for the Wine


Favorite Deals

  • These are the deals selected by you as your favorite deals. You identify a deal as a favorite by selecting the “Add Favorite” button on the detail page of any wine deal.

  • To view your list of Favorites, select the Favorites text button in the header.


  • To remove a deal from the list click on the “Favorite” button on the deal detail page. The button will then convert back to the “Add Favorite” button.



Featured Deals

  • These are the deals selected by us as being noteworthy and worth your attention. They are automatically displayed at the top of the home page when you log-in, or if you select the “Featured” text button in the header.


Customize MyDeals

  • This is how you conduct custom searches. Begin by selecting the Customize MyDeals button in the header.

  • Select your filters by using the appropriate menu items. In this example, we are looking for a Great Deal on a Napa Cabernet for under $50.
    – Type a name for the search into the Name Your Search box. In this example we selected “Great Deal Napa Cab $50”.

    – Select “Cabernet Sauvignon” from the Wine Variety drop-down menu

    – Select “USA”, “California” and “Napa Valley” from the Country, Region and Sub-region drop down menus

    – Use the slider menu to select the price range ($0 – $50).

  • – Select the “Search” button to run the search




  • This is a list of your previous custom searches that have been saved. Access it by selecting MyDeals from the header. You can rerun these searches without re-entering the data by selecting the appropriate “Run Search” button.