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Deal rating

Every day we evaluate the wine deals offered by retailers across the country. We consider a wine “deal” to be the unique combination of a specific wine at a specific price, and evaluate every deal on both. Based on our analysis, we rate each deal as being either a Great Deal, a Good Deal, or Not a Deal.

  • Great Deal — The very best deals, highly recommended.
  • Good Deal — Good wine and a good value, recommended.
  • Not a Deal   — Not recommended due to poor wine quality and/or high price.

Each rating is represented by an icon with a different number of bottles as shown below:


Great Deal

Highly Recommended
• Score: 92 +
• Price discount: Greater than 20%

Good Deal

• Score: 90 +
• Price discount: Greater than 10%

Not a Deal

Not recommended

• Does not meet our standards



Not Rated

• There is not enough information available to rate this wine deal.

We also rate the Price and Wine individually using the same criteria as for the Wine Deal. These ratings may be viewed on the Detail Page for each Wine Deal.

Price Rating

We evaluate the price of every wine deal based on the discount %. The bigger the discount, the better the price. That may seem to be the same as other websites, but it is not. Other websites almost always base their discount on the “list” (or “retail”) price of the wine.

Instead, we base the discount on the current actual average selling price of the wine. We use it because it accurately represents the current actual price of the wine and the resulting discount represents the real discount.

Wine Rating

We judge the quality of a wine by referencing scores from recognized professional wine critics and from the world’s largest online consumer wine tasting community. The higher the score, the better the wine.




Standard searches

When you login as a member, the header changes to a list of the standard searches you can run (Featured, Great,… etc.). Select one of the buttons to run a search.


Deal Alert

Our rating along with all the other information we have gathered about a deal is stored in our database. Each deal is represented by a small box called a “Deal Alert” which contains just enough information for you to decide if the deal is of interest.

If you want to buy the deal, you select the “Buy Now” button. You will be transferred to the retailer’s website where you can make your purchase.

If you want more information about a deal, you select the “Detail” button. You will see all the information about the deal, the price and the wine (see below).

Detail page




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Custom searches

You may select your own search criteria by accessing the “Find Deals” page. There you can easily search for a wine deal based on any combination of location, variety, winery, wine scores, price, or percentage discount.


Custom search example:

This is how to select your search criteria. In this case we are searching for a great deal on a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon priced under $50:
Here are the steps:

  • Select “Find Deals” from the navigation buttons
  • Name the search “Great Deal Napa Cab $50” (could be any name you want)
  • Select “Cabernet Sauvignon” from the Variety drop-down menu
  • Select “USA”, “California” and “Napa Valley” from the Country, Region and Sub-Region drop-down menus
  • Select “$0” and “$50” from the Price slider
  • Select “Great” from the Deal drop-down menu (that is the step being shown in the image below)
  • Select the Search button



All your custom searches are automatically saved so that the next time you visit, you can run the same search on all the new deals without having to re-enter your search criteria.