I Think I Already Get Good Deals On Wine – Why Do I Need WineDealAdvisor?

    • The price of a given wine typically varies significantly between wine stores. In fact, in the sample we took, we found that on average, the price of a single wine varied by 59% across all U.S. retailers. It pays to comparison shop, and we do the comparison shopping for you.
    • You are probably not getting as good a deal as you think. Most online price promotions (e.g. “30% off!”) use the “retail” (or “list”) price as the basis for the % discount. However, almost no wine store actually sells any wine at the “retail” price – they always sell it for less. This means the % discounts they promote are not accurate. Our price analysis and discount % are based on the actual average selling price and reflect the actual discount % from the current market price.

For how long is a deal usually available from a retailer?

    • It depends on the retailer. In some cases the retailer will state that a deal is good until a certain date, but usually a deal is good only until the retailer runs out of inventory (note that even if a deal is listed on our website, it may not still be available from the retailer).

Do you publish all the deals you evaluate?

    • No, not even close. We typically post only about 20% of the deals we evaluate. If during the evaluation process we can see that the wine is not very good or that the price is too high, we stop evaluating the deal and do not publish any results. If we find a better deal than the one advertised, we will post the better deal.

Do you review wines at all price points?

    • We typically do not evaluate wines that sell for over $100 or under $10. Our reason is simply that wines that sell for over $100 should all be great, so all we would do is find the cheapest ones. On the other hand, wines that sell for under $10 are almost never great, so we would rather spend our time searching price points where we are more likely to find great wines.

Do you review all types of wine and all regions?

    • We typically do not evaluate wines from either Burgundy or Germany. The reason is that the supply is extremely limited and there are very, very few great deals. Again, we would rather spend our time searching regions where we are more likely to find great deals.

Tell me about buying wine online,

There are several advantages to purchasing wine online:

    • Selection: You can shop hundreds of retailers at the same time and search all their inventories. You are not limited by the inventory of your local retailer.
    • Save time and effort: No need to drive somewhere to look for, purchase and pick up the wine. If you have a particular wine in mind you will be able to find it online quickly
    • Save money: By comparison shopping, you will usually find wines at lower cost than from your local retailer.

Note that when you click on a purchase link, you will leave our website. Once you leave our website, you will be subject to the policies and procedures of the other site, not WineDealAdvisor.

There are also are some potential disadvantages:

    • Temperature: High temperatures are an enemy of wine, so you will not want your wine shipped during the summer heat. However, virtually all retailers will hold shipments until cooler weather and at no charge.
    • Signature Requirements: Alcohol delivery requires a signature of someone over the age of 21. One way to deal with this requirement is to have the wine delivered to your business where anyone there can sign for it.
    • Delivery time: It will take a few days to a week for the wine to arrive after it is ordered.

What does it cost to ship wine?

    • The cost per bottle of shipping varies based on the number of bottles and declines rapidly as the number of bottles being shipped increases. It will cost approximately $15 to ship a single bottle of wine. Four bottles will cost about $20 – 30 ($5-7 ea.) to ship, and twelve bottles about $50 ea. ($4-5 ea.) Because of this, it usually makes sense to order 4 or more bottles at a time.
    • Other considerations:

    • Retailers will often offer free shipping on orders of four, six or twelve bottles and this can be a significant incentive to purchase a deal.
    • You will normally not pay any sales tax on orders from out-of-state wine stores. This often saves more than the cost of shipping.
    • We do not include shipping costs in the price of a deal on our website. You will need to click on the purchase button and go to the wine store website to view the shipping costs.

Can I buy wine directly from WineDealAdvisor?

    • No, sorry. We are not retailers and only offer our opinions and advice. Because we want to remain free of any potential conflict of interest, we would not sell wine even if we could.